Core Purpose:

To strengthen and amplify the success of women in the construction industry

Core Values:

  • Women-focused
  • Courageous leadership
  • Commitment to inclusion and growth
  • Anticipate change

Mission Statement:

The association committed to championing women to impact the direction of the construction industry. NAWIC provides education, community and advocacy for women.

Envisioned Future:

Women’s contributions to the construction industry are recognized and sought after. Women’s leadership results in industry growth and success. Women receive compensation equal to all within the industry. NAWIC is identified as THE resource for female leadership, with members recognized for their expertise and commitment.

GOAL: Members

NAWIC members have increased opportunity, visibility, and influence through the skills and expertise developed through the association.
  1. Increase visibility for NAWIC members.
  2. Increase opportunity and demand for NAWIC Members.
  3. Increase Influence of NAWIC members because of the skills and talents developed through NAWIC.

GOAL: Industry

The industry is a safer and more productive place to work for everyone. It is reflective of the general population, with a more authentic, inclusive and diverse voice.
  1. Improve industry safety.
  2. Promote diversity in the industry.
  3. Develop and strengthen partnerships with companies and aligned organizations.

GOAL: Women in Construction

Women are recognized as essential to the viability of the construction industry, providing leadership and technical expertise, while championing inclusivity and ushering collaboration forward to expand the industry.
  1. Decrease bias and discrimination in the workplace.
  2. Increase training availability.
  3. Develop and promote networking opportunities for women in construction.


NAWIC is known in the industry as key to professional success, resulting in increased demand for programs, increased membership, increased revenues and increased opportunities.
  1. Increase membership.
  2. Increase available resources (time and money).
  3. Increase marketing to elevate awareness of NAWIC.


An overview of our strategies for the 2020 year.
  1. Develop a national marketing plan using the task force already created.
  2. Identify sources of non-dues revenue and develop action plan to implement.
  3. Develop national sponsorship program.
  4. Continue and strengthen the OSHA Alliance.
  5. Collect data available that will demonstrate the business case for diversity.
  6. Create and spotlight deliverables such as speakers’ bureau, diversity presentation and mentoring programs.
  7. Create onboarding plan to engage new members using task force already created.
  8. Partner with other associations and entities for training and certification.
  9. Create a leadership development program, NAWIC and career focused.
  10. Target cities for chapter expansion.
  11. Develop best practices for hiring and retaining female employees.
  12. Increase partnerships with other associations.
  13. Create Special Interest Groups (SIG.
  14. Develop programs for different generations and different career stages.
  15. Create additional industry awards/recognition program.
  16. Develop outreach to trades and industry.